Case Studies

Golden Venn’s record of repeat sales is very high and we work solely on recommendations, which is the ultimate confirmation of our clients’ satisfaction. Our clientele varies widely and hails from all over the globe, including Europe, India, the Middle East, South East Asia, and Africa.

We have been able to help our clients achieve their objectives in a number of different scenarios.

Price Negotiation

This client came to us with an independently sourced property asking for our advice on whether the agreed price was in line with market prices. We carried out and presented a comparable analysis, which illustrated our client was overpaying. We were appointed to take over the negotiation and using our intimate knowledge of the market and our honed negotiating skills, we were able to achieve a 10% discount on the price the client had initially negotiated with the sellers. The final purchase price was £3 million, representing a saving to our client of £300,000.

Restructuring & Consulting

A major Asian high net worth client engaged us to project manage the restructuring of the financing and holding company on a £20 million commercial property in prime London. The whole process took almost a year of extensive work with all parties. Our client’s objectives were not only met, but surpassed, as we managed to cater for solutions that gave the client high savings on various fees. The client’s involvement in the whole process was minimal.

Sale Management

Appointed to manage the sale of a property. The client’s mandate was to sell the property very quickly, as he wanted the liquidity without compromising the sale price. We were able to not only achieve the highest price quoted by the local estate agents, but were also able to secure receipt of the funds in the client’s bank account within four weeks from the client’s decision to sell the property and our instruction to manage the sale.

International Hotel Acquisition

Through Golden Venn’s extensive network in the hotel industry, both on the sale and the purchase side, across Europe, the US, and Asia, we have been involved in identifying “distressed” hotel deals, especially in Greece, for Asian groups.