Before we offer you any of our services, we begin by understanding your needs and requirements, your likes and dislikes. After an initial discussion to establish your objectives we will:

We will identify the best strategy for you to follow in acquiring your property or property portfolio.
Golden Venn’s extensive network often allows us to source and view properties before they hit the open market. If you are looking for an investment property, we will only short-list those properties we know will meet your investment targets. If you are looking for a second home, we will endeavour to find you that perfect home away from home.
We will organise property tours of all the short-listed properties. In the case of a second home, we will not only take you on a tour of the properties, but crucially also of the immediate neighbourhood and surrounding area, including available facilities in the vicinity, such as schools, shopping, entertainment, recreational amenities and the like.
In the case of an investment property, we will prepare a comparable analysis of each property on our short-list, including cash flows, recent sales analysis, potential rental income, and any other information we feel will help you better evaluate the merits of each property, simplify the decision process, and ultimately achieve your investment objectives.
We are highly experienced in negotiating with estate agents and sellers alike, and our track record in achieving the best prices possible for our clients is a source of great pride.
We have a covetable network of professionals we are able to recommend to meet your specific needs. These include surveyors, lawyers and others whose services may be of interest.
We will oversee the work of all professionals involved in the evaluation of the short-listed properties and in the acquisition itself, to ensure the timely purchase of the property.