In an environment of global financial and political uncertainty, the prime London property market has shown itself to be a safe bet. The market has proven to be resilient to both domestic and international economic downturns, while demonstrating high annual capital appreciation rates.

The prime London property market is an international micromarket, with most transactions being made by international investors. The favourable tax regime for foreign investors, as well as the transparency of information, and the access to some of the best professional advisors in the world, have all contributed to making London a very attractive location for the acquisition of properties as investments and as second homes.

The allure of London has led to increasing demand, coupled with limited supply in this prestigious market. We offer our clients assistance in acquiring these premier properties either as an investment, or as a second home. However, regardless of whether this acquisition is simply an addition to your existing investment portfolio, or another home-away from-home, at Golden Venn we believe any property acquisition is ultimately an investment, so in order to satisfy all investment criteria our evaluation process is always rigorous.