Managed Sales

Golden Venn will remain your property advisor throughout the property acquisition cycle and will be there to support you at the sale of your property.  We appreciate that our clients want a hassle free experience and we will facilitate the sales process not only by providing a single point of contact but also by accessing a much larger network of professionals than the one used by traditional property agents.

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To market the property we will not only use our wide network of international agents but also banks, trustees and other private client professionals that we have access to.

Our expertise lies in offering educated, unbiased advice.  We will start by providing a market valuation of the expected property price and we will advise you on the right timing for the sale and the best strategy to follow.  Using our vetted network of space planners and interior designers we will ensure the property presents at its best before going on the market.

We understand that exclusive properties might need a more personal, confidential and exclusive marketing approach.

We will evaluate all offers using a refined set of criteria so as to advise you on the best possible response in each case.  Using our experience and market knowledge we will negotiate to ensure the best price and terms are achieved.

Once an offer has been made and agreed by all parties, we will appoint the most appropriate professionals necessary to complete the transaction.  These include lawyers and tax advisors, whom we will manage, until the entire sale process has been concluded and the funds have been securely in your account.