Market Report

Golden Venn's quarterly newsletter provides an update on the London property market and insights on selected global destinations.

Autumn 2022 Quarterly Market Report

Key Points

  • Prime London prices rose 4.2% in the last 12 months to September 2022
  • Sellers are pricing more keenly, with quality being the best hedge against risk
  • 81% more sales than pre-pandemic for the £1m plus market in the summer
  • Prime rentals rose by 10.3% in 2022
  • Inflation at 10.1% in September 2022 and interest rates rose to 3%

Sales Market

In its September 2022 briefing LonRes could report that Prime London prices rose 4.2% since September 2021, with transactions above the pre-pandemic average. There were notes of caution, with 33% more Prime London deals falling through in August compared to 2021, while new instructions were rather patchy, with the £5m+ segment of the market seeing […]

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Rental Market

There is wide consensus that the rental sector faces a more benign environment than sales, for the time being at least, largely due to lack of stock. Savills finds that high demand and stock shortages have pushed up prime rentals in London and its commuter belt by 10.3% and 5.1% respectively so far in 2022. […]

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Fiscal Policy and Economic Backdrop

The market crisis triggered by the September mini-budget seems to have passed, with Sterling more stable, although 10-year gilt yields somewhat higher than what the trends might suggest. This market calm remains against a backdrop of uncertainty rooted in the Ukraine War and energy price risk, and political uncertainty in the UK and recovery from […]

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The Golden Venn Perspective

The market is very hard to predict, with many variables moving in different directions. On the one hand, we see rising inflation and interest rates and political uncertainty rooted in the Ukraine War. On the other, is a weaker pound fuelling demand from Dollar-based clients. Given this it is hard to predict whether we will […]

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Quarterly Tip

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” – Michael Jordan

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