The Golden Venn Perspective
Autumn 2018

Analysis of the prime central London market continues to provide fascinating insights into the market dynamics. Although investors in the £1-£3 million market may be adopting a ‘wait and see’ tactic as Brexit deadlines approach, transactions in the £3-£10 million bracket, where we see more owner-occupiers, are showing a year-on-year improvement. This gives credence to the view that London has maintained its desirability as a place to live and work.

While prices may not bounce back imminently, investors have been keeping a close watch on the London market and this, together with the inherent appeal of London, lead us to anticipate a significant price jump once a full formal agreement is in place.

The plans outlined by the Government to introduce an additional levy on foreign buyers, both individuals and corporates, may act as an additional catalyst to prompt these buyers to purchase sooner rather than later.